Project Beneficiaries

The Project Beneficiaries are young people 16 to 25 years old: all the materials prepared, as well as all the relevant actions and services, will be designed with the aim to fully benefit them. At the same time, many other groups of people will benefit directly or indirectly during the implementation of the Project.

More specifically, some of the target groups for EduTourism include tourism professionals, trainers of trainers, and teachers and educators of Secondary and Tertiary Education. Tourism professionals will be able to both contribute to the development of tourist routes, as well as attend the training programme on Educational Tourism that is going to be developed as part of the Integrated Educational Tourism Service. Furthermore, tourism professionals will benefit by the projected increase of incoming tourists to the areas of intervention, and the projected extension of the tourist period. The trainers of trainers is another target group that will initially get trained on Educational Tourism topics. As a next step the Project deliverable calls for them to train other trainers on these topics. Finally, school teachers and other educators will have the chance to make use of the Integrated

Food Menus Educational Tourism Service by attending the same training. After that they will be able to exploit their newfound knowledge in order to organise and implement educational trips and other activities that will elevate their praxis. As for indirect target groups, these also include a variety of parties, bodies, and organizations located in the areas of intervention. For example, some regional and local authorities or organizations devoted to the management and conservation of cultural and environmental heritage could have their missions and objectives aligned with the Project’s objectives. The implementation or development of actions, activities, and tools relevant to regional growth and development, and enhancement and exploitation of cultural or natural landmarks can therefore serve as a common ground between these target groups and the Project. Moreover, schools, Universities, and other technical, vocational, or adult educational organizations are often interested in or have supported in the past initiatives and programmes that allow incoming students to visit for a short or long period a new area in order to expand their education. The EduTourism outputs will hopefully provide these institutions with more and newer tools, that will ease the management of similar opportunities. The participation of HMU and Municipality of Archanes – Asteroussia in the Project’s partnership is expected to help shape the Project deliverables in a way that will benefit all target groups mentioned above.

Finally, more stakeholders could be involved in the target groups of EduTourism. These could include Ministries and authorities dealing with education, tourism, and economic growth, University Liaison Offices, as well as social organizations that are interested in showcasing cultural heritage, respect for the natural environment, opportunities for youth, education, development of tourism products, etc.