Cross-border Cooperation & Areas of Intervention

The geographical area of the EduTourism Project’s activities covers a big part of the total eligible area of the Cooperation Programme. More specifically, the areas of intervention include the islands of Crete and Cyprus. The Greek partners are based in Rethymno (HNYC), Herakleio (HMU and Four Elements), and Peza (Municipality of Archanes-Asteroussia), thus covering the Prefectures of Herakleio and Rethymno. They of course all have easy access to information and network concerning the other two Cretan Prefectures, Chania and Lassithi. On the Cypriot side, the partners cover the major urban centres of the country, Nicosia and Larnaka, as well as the surrounding areas.

The total of the intervention area relies on tourism for the employment of its residents, and a major part of its economic activity. In order to safeguard the sustainability of this sector, the latest European and National strategic plans prioritize the practice of alternative types of tourism. These new approaches try to reduce the negative impacts of mass tourism, and to empower the local population and their respective touristic areas.

In the above context, EduTourism aims to promote Educational Tourism as a novel approach that answers back to the modern challenges of the tourism industry, while taking under consideration the particular characteristics and common bonds between the countries of intervention. The Project makes it a priority to showcase their natural and cultural heritage by reframing tourist routes as education experiences. By doing so EduTourism brings a new perspective in the use of natural and human resources towards the prosperity of the two countries.