December 11, 2023

Educational Tourism in Cyprus: How it has developed over time (by the Nicosia Tourism Board)

Educational tourism is undoubtedly an important part of a country’s tourism and has been growing significantly in recent years. The European Union has emphasised the promotion of alternative thematic itineraries in the Member States in the context of educational tourism by providing funds for the creation of support and promotion infrastructures. Educational tourism is nothing more than a combination of […]
December 11, 2023

Successful completion of a European project entitled “EduTourism – Promotion of educational tourism for the promotion of natural and cultural heritage”

Around the end of November 2023, the project entitled “EduTourism – Promotion of educational tourism for the promotion of natural and cultural heritage” was successfully completed. This project, also known by the acronym “EduTourism”, began its implementation in June 2021 by a corporate scheme of partners in Greece and Cyprus, including Nicosia Tourism Board as follows: National Youth Council (Greece), […]
December 11, 2023

A look at gastrotourism (from Nicosia Tourism Board)

Gastrotourism or culinary tourism is a category of tourism, in which tourists have as their sole travel motivation the pursuit of activities of culinary interest. Travelers have as their main motivation the introduction of new methods of preparation of dishes, raw materials, new flavors and of course to delve into the culture, the customs and traditions, which “accompany” the local […]
December 11, 2023

Educational Tourism in Cyprus: Prospects and Challenges (by the Nicosia Tourism Board)

Undoubtedly, a significant part of Cyprus’ economy benefits from the tourism sector. The income of many residents, mainly in coastal areas in Cyprus, is derived from the tourism sector. Therefore, the sustainability of tourism in Cyprus is a key element of the economy and ensuring it should remain a priority for the island. However, significant challenges bring risks to the […]
November 27, 2023

Interview on Educational Tourism: Educational tourism through the eyes of an expert

Educational tourism is unquestionably important to further develop Cyprus tourism and avoid seasonality. In view of this fact, a short interview has been conducted with an expert on educational tourism, Ms. Yanna Orphanidou, Coordinator of the BBA Hospitality Management Programme, Department of Management, School of Business Administration, University of Nicosia. Ms. Yianna Orphanidou, is an expert in educational tourism as […]
November 20, 2023

EDUTOURISM NEWSLETTER Showcasing educational tourism for the promotion of natural and cultural heritage #EduTourism 20/11/23

November 16, 2023

EDUTOURISM NEWSLETTER Sustainability survery results #EduTourism 16/11/23

November 15, 2023

The Contribution of Local Government to Educational Tourism: A Driving Force for Cultural Education and Sustainable Development #EduTourism 15/11/2023

November 9, 2023

Innovative Educational Activities in the Tourism of Crete and Cyprus: Experiences that Combine Knowledge and Discovery #EduTourism 09/11/2023