Welcome to the website of the Project “Showcasing educational tourism for the promotion on environmental and cultural heritage” with the acronym EduTourism. The Project’s scope is the development of an integrated educational tourism product aimed towards young people 16-25 years old, that will connect Crete and Cyprus in terms of history, culture, and environment.

The Project’s implementation involves the strategic planning of educational tourism routes consisting of several specific sites in the two countries that share common characteristics in a cultural and environmental framework. At the same time the Project aims to achieve specific educational outcomes, through the development of an educational programme targeting tourism professionals, trainers, and educators. The curriculum will provide information about this under-used sub-sector of alternative tourism. Greece and Cyprus share deep bonds of culture, language, and history, while their natural environment also shares a lot of characteristics. We therefore hope that the territorial cooperation between the two countries will be fruitful in showcasing them jointly.

The EduTourism Project has a duration of 24 months, its start date being June 2021 and its expected completion date May 2023. The Project is part of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A “Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020″, and it is co-funded by the European Union (more specifically the European Regional Development Fund) and National Funds of Greece and Cyprus.

More information can be found on the Programme website by clicking here, as well as the website for the EU Regional Policy by clicking here.